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Quality Standards

Cotton Traders is in accordance with the following standards & best practices:

EN 12934 (Accurate information on labeling and packaging)
European Standard EN 12934 specifies how down and feather products' down and feather content is stated on labeling and packaging. This standard ensures that, for example, a goose down pillow truly is goose down and not duck down (or chicken feathers!) or that a down duvet labelled as 90% down doesn't only contain 30% down.

Featherite M.I.D Free (Mites, Impurities and Dust Free)
This is a quality symbol introduced by a local feather testing institution, Featherite Labs. Down and feathers are tested to ensure compliance in three areas: Low Oxygen Number (meaning low levels of organic matter) Low Residue percentage (minuscule particles found in all samples) Low Turbidity reading (low levels of dust and dirt). Samples passing these tests are branded Featherite M.I.D Free and classified super-clean and hypoallergenic. Please see the Featherite Labs website for more information.

In-House Testing (Real-time quality control)
Cotton Traders has an in-house lab and tests all samples thoroughly according to the IDFB testing regulations.

Couché Free (Pledge to never reuse old feathers)
A real problem in the feather and down industry, couché are feathers and down from old pillows and duvets that have been reused in "new", cheap products. Whilst not illegal, it must be clearly stated on the product's label and packaging that the feathers and down have been reused. Cotton Traders will never deal in any couche products.

Where can you verify your product's claims?
In South Africa you can use the Featherite Labs and internationally the International Down and Feather Laboratory and other IDFB accredited laboratories can do testing on any samples sent to them. Please see their websites for more information. Unfortunately, in South Africa there are few government standards in place to protect consumers against mislabeled feather & down products and other bad practices by manufacturers of low quality items, putting price above quality. For this reason we encourage you to use an IDFB accredited testing institution to be sure that what you are purchasing is indeed what the manufacturer has promised to you.