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International Down & Feather Bureau

The International Down and Feather Bureau

– founded 1953 in Paris, France

IDFB is the international trade association of the down/feather industry (processors of raw material and/or producers of finished articles, filled with down/feathers), the down/feather trade and independent testing institutes for down/feather as filling material.


Provide a Worldwide Association for the Down/ Feather Industry, Down /Feather Trade and Testing Institutes for Down/Feather as filling material.


  • Provide safety to the consumers with clear, simple and easily understandable definitions.
  • Develop and promote International Standards for down/feather fillings. (IDFB Standards contain definitions and testing regulations.)
  • Annual re-assessment of approved Testing Institutes to guarantee the maintenance of International Standards.
  • Provide assurance: Annual check-up of the approved Testing Institutes. That guarantees worldwide the same testing methods.
  • Annual round robin assessment of independent testing institutes and other participating laboratories guarantee worldwide maintenance of international test and quality standards.