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Feather Processing Procedure

To show how our down & feather processing system operates we illustrate below a simplified diagram of our feather processing line. Please see below for an explanation of each piece of machinery and how it fits into the process. ("Down & feathers" will hereafter just be referred to as "feathers").

Feather Processing Line

Note: All our feathers are transported by gravity-feed air ducts. All the black lines in the image above are air ducts through which the feathers travel from one machine to another.

The Bale Breaker Breaks up the compressed bales and transports the feathers to the next stage whilst discarding the packaging material.

The Dry Silo A storage chamber above a conveyor belt / agitator system that feeds into the next stage. From the silo the feathers are passed along a toothed conveyor belt and then loosened with an agitator before transfer to the washer.

The Washer The feathers are pre-washed & rinsed, followed by a full wash & up to four rinses before centrifuging to remove the excess water. The wash program used for each batch depends on the type and on the condition of the feathers. At this step we use a detergent/disinfectant and an odour-neutralising agent.

The Wet Silo Very much like the Dry Silo but built to accommodate wet feathers. After being passed through the silo the feathers are transported on a conveyor belt, loosened with an agitator before being passed into the dryer / steriliser.

The Steriliser / Dryer Here the feathers are tossed slowly by a revolving agitator and sterilised with jets of steam at 130°C (266°F). Afterwards the moist feathers are thoroughly dryed by a superheated steam jacket that surrounds the steriliser. The feathers, clean, sterile and dry, are then passed on to the Cooler / Deduster.

The Cooler / Deduster The Cooler / Deduster does precisely what its name states. Having come from the drying process, the feathers are very hot and so here they get cooled down by being gently airated inside a slowly-rotating, porous cylinder. The air enters the Cooler / Deduster, cooling the feathers, and then exits through fine filters which remove any feather dust / fine feather particles that may be present in the feathers. The feathers are now hypo-allergenic and suitable for allergy sufferers.

The Bagging Units Finally the feathers go into the bagging units where they are filled into bags at predetermined weights. That, in a nutshell, is our process for washing and treating feathers. If you have any questions at all please contact us through the general contact form.